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    TECDEN - Mwanza Chapter

  • What we dream about

    Together we do the right things right !

    Our vison

    We dream about a Tanzania where all young children from conception to 8 year old are treasured in such a way that their basic rights and needs are met, they reach their fully potential and their rights to survive and really thrive are realized through holistic approaches to supporting their development.

    Our mission

    We ensure that all TECDEN members work united to promote an approach which aims:

    • to engender the development of infants and young children and
    • raise the voice of young children for issues affecting them and their lives.

    Our goal

    We aim at creating an enabling environment by strengthening the capacity of members and organisations to strategically engage in key policy and program development processes at all levels to influence the improvement of support for holistic development of all infants and young children.

  • We support the Global Goals For Sustainable Development

    TECDEN is part of the global movement and strives for a better live for all children!

  • What we want

    Our Strategic Objectives

    Strategic Objective 1:

    Improved IECD programs in Mwanza chapter, through use of information, research findings and critical learning.



    Strategic Objective 2:

    To Influence and monitor policies and practices to better address the rights and needs of young children at regional level through using of coalitions, media and networks.

    Strategic Objective 3:

    Enhance members’ capacity to effectively, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate holistic ECD program in Mwanza Region through capacity building activities within the network.

    Strategic Objective 4:

    Through awareness raising and campaigning with and within the network, there are improved attitudes and practices toward early childhood development.

  • What We Do

    We share knowledge and information and work together to support children. Find some examples of our work here:

    Member assessment October 2015

    How is our network working and what do our members need?

    In October 2015 we visited our members and assessed their programs and capacity. The result show that our members share information but don't have many joint projects until now. Our members need more capacity building workshops on early childhood development topics as on management themes as well.


    Annual general meeting 22.01.2016

    We discuss our strategic plan and our member assessment

    More then 50 members discussed the national and Mwanza chapter yearly report with Bruno Ghumpi the chairperson of TECDEN national Network. We went through the strategic plan of TECDEN Mwanza and described how the results of the assessment were integrated into our strategy. In workshops we elaborated the activities for 2016 together with our members.

    1.Quaterly Meeting 2016

    We worked in groups to update the mapping of some districts

    We shared information and knowledge in groups about the progres and problems in the different districts. Our member Pantaleon Shoki from Governance Links gave us a good input about how networks function well and we formed a Committee for the "siku ya mtoto wa africa". Please find more information here in the meeting minutes!

    African child day - Siku ya mtoto wa Africa June 16th, 2016

    The children in Mabatini enjoyed their special day

    TECDEN supported this year the african child day financially and attended the big event in Mabatini. A cuple of hundreds children participated and a group of smal musicians leaded the parade to the meeting place.

  • Who we are

    We are all from different NGO's and work for TECDEN Mwanza Chapter

    Revocatus Sono

    Chairperson of TECDEN Mwanza Chapter

    Porgram manager at Amani Girls Home (AGH) Mwanza.

    Patricia Kamugisha

    Secretary of TECDEN Mwanza Chapter

    Director of Baraka good hope orphans development (Bagode)

    Hassan A Kilaka

    Member of Secretariat TECDEN Mwanza Chapter

    Executive Secretary of Mwanza Women Development Association (MWDA)

    Malimu Luhanya

    Member of Secretariat TECDEN Mwanza Chapter

    Coodrinator of Assist People with Disabilities Mwanza (APDM)

    Cornelia Peltenburg

    Development Worker

    As an organizational development specialist and with a master degree in childhood development Cornelia strenghten the network with ideas, knowledge and new methods.

  • What we share

    We exchange information and knowlege. Please download and use!

    Our strategic plan

    Learn more about our goals and activities.

    Mapping of ECD actors in Mwanza Region

    See who is active in which district in Mwanza in ECD.

    TECDEM Mwanza members

    Get contact details of our members

  • Useful links

    Find here possible founders for your projects.

    Philantrophy Universitiy

    Grow your skills. Grow your impact. Take Free Online Courses and Earn a Free Certificate of Completion in Social Impact Leadership from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley!

    Here you find a lot of information about reserach, country data and an open learnining Campus as well.

  • Whith whom we work with

    We reach our goals through working together!

    Our partners are finding a better way to build a future where child well-being contributes to strong families and communities.

    Invests in systemic, holistic and evidence-based approaches that support the positive development of all children.

    Sharing knowledge - Alleviate poverty

    Interteam supports the TECDEN Mwanza chapter with a development worker from Switzerland in organisational development.

  • Our national chapter

    An umbrella organizsation with 18 chapters and over 280 members

    Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN) is a national umbrella of Early Childhood Development Organizations working together to influence policies, programs and practice related to Early Childhood Development (ECD) by sharing information, experiences and through these processes to generate knowledge and understanding on ECD. TECDEN was founded in December 2000. It was formally registered on 30th June 2004 by the Registrar of Societies, Ministry of Home Affairs under the Societies ordinance, 1954. TECDEN is recognised by the government of Tanzania as the formal representative of Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) in government high level meetings. visit their website: www. tecden.org

  • Forms for our members

    Here our members can find forms to download

    Please fill in the form every quarter and send it to us!

    If you want to be a member of TECDEN please fill out this file and send it to us.

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